How Should A Suit Be Worn Correctly?

Suits are fundamental parts of a professional life for both females and males but they are more suited for men. When attending a dinner or a business/corporate interview, the dress code usually involves a suit. Some men don’t understand the mechanics of wearing a suit, they just wear whatever suit they find without taking into consideration the colour and the combination with other accessories.

So much goes into wearing a suit such as the tie, the colour of the shirt, the colour of the suit etc. To help you with wearing suits better, here are some tips on wearing a suit correctly:

Braces or belts – Quite a large number of people make the mistake of wearing belts and braces. You cannot pick both, you have to choose one of them because they both serve the same purpose of keeping your pants up.

  1. The appropriate length of socks – Due to the often sober and earthy colours of professional suits, most people tend to experiment with their socks. This is advisable as long as your socks do not have offensive designs on them. However, regardless of the design, if your socks do not cover the skin between your shoes and the end of your pants, they are not appropriate. Your socks should not be ankle length, they need to cover up the skin. If you are worried about sweating, invest in nylon or really flimsy cotton socks.
  1. Your suit must fit – You don’t have to have a suit custom made before it fits properly. You can buy suits that’ll fit by knowing your waist size, length etc. After buying your suit, you can get the few discrepancies tailored. Your suit jacket shouldn’t be huge or too tight. It should be the right size. In terms of arm length, your suit should be half an inch shorter than your long sleeved dress shirt. The same thing applies to the pants, your suit trousers must not be so short. When you sit down they should be a bit above the ankle and while standing they should slightly touch your shoes.
  1. The right colour of shoes – When wearing a suit, the colour of your shoes has to properly complement the suit. Both should not clash, for example, wearing a brown suit with blue shoes is out of the question.
  1. What buttons should you use – There are only two tips for what buttons to use while wearing a suit. The first is that you must always button your shirt to the top and the second is that you must never use the last button of your suit.
  1. Length of the tie – The length of your tie should stop before your belt or the beginning of your trousers. Your tie shouldn’t go past your belt when you’re standing up.

Suits are essential in several social situations, this makes their usage versatile. Learning how to properly wear a suit is a lesson that will be useful to you for the rest of your life.

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